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Nam phuong Pham | Artsy Phuong

The world is full of surprises. I never thought of an artist until college because I haven't drawn since elementary. What introduces me to the art world is Graphic Design. What led me to the path of Graphic Design is my cousin who is also a Graphic Design. When I was young I never thought of art as a career thus I never touched it until college. Graphic Design is like a stepping stone in the art world and opens more opportunities for me. After I start exploring things and also inspire to be an illustrator after i begin Instagram 2016. When I start Instagram I start to follow traditional artists and thus all begin when i get my first batch of copic marker. At first it  was difficult to start since I’m really bad so I thought of it as a Hobby. Slowly it became a passion and my childhood of movies, games, and cartoons greatly influenced my artwork as well. It was until I joined the Video Game Development club in Fullerton that I decided what direction I wanted to be in my art career. I loved videogames and when I started designing video games with my group, I felt fulfilled seeing my designs at work. I wanted to be a concept artist and hopefully be able to work in the game industry one day. 

Nam Phuong Pham

Designed and Art by Artsy Phuong: Nam Phuong Pham 

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