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Meet Karma (Character Design inspiration)

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

A redesign of an old character Long-we and he became completely different haha. He was first inspired by wuxi martial art movies and later I got inspired by Tibet clothing and outfit style. His outfit consist with pelts similar to the Tibetan Tribe and his weapon inspire by Tibet ritual weapons. The red cloth around him is similar to the Buddhist monk sash.

As his design change, so is his backstory. Before he was a man who got betrayed by his master, now he was once raised by and become a Buddhist monk but due to despair and hatred of the world...he lost everything and is self blame...he swear loyalty to Shiranui and fight along side with her as her ambition become his reason of living. He is the 11 person that join Relictus Famila...there 12 in total excluding Shiranui, the leader. There suppose to be more but some has passed, left, and replace thus the characters I try to design them now are officially the main guy in her team. I want to make her group to be different culture and design...It is people who are outcast of their society. One member to go and I need to design character sheet and sub character..



Some WIP...

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