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Redesign Protagonist For Gran Teroso

Hello, it seems like my group want to redesign the protagonist again. However it seems like I'll be a tad busy to finish to design the protagonist since it is half way of the semester. So I just do some sketches, for her because I was drawing poses as practices anyway. I need to practice anatomy more so I can pose my character cooler lol.

I want her to be a little older, however my team want her a younger. So this is just an older version of her in design, will sketch out her in a younger age later so I can give them variety of choices. They want her to be more pirate like. I prefer her to be mature or eccentric, charismatic, and ambitious not a bitchy type maybe if press lol. Her flaws is perhaps empathy of the weak people (someone who cannot deal with their problem do to circumstances, weak and suppress people). This might because in her struggling past, where she rely mostly by her wits. She is like a SCAVANGER. She always seeking for strength which lead her to Silvano. She perhaps have ptsd because of her past (like anxiety attack if someone mention something). And her childhood friend Anaastagio, to also be ambitious and they see each other as rivals and equal and perhaps love interest, however, their interest will collide and that they are not willing to sacrifice their dream for each other. After all there is many more things she value other than romance.

However this is just what I want for for my character story, The story is still undecided lol Just want to write my Idea Concept story for my characters that I design for the game;

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