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"Tainted" Karma Portrait

Hello, here I painted Karma Portrait I named "Tainted" It suppose to represent his change of views as he use to be a devout buddhist. He was raised of forgiveness and letting go ever since he was young. However, the world is not nice and despite him forgiving people and helping them, they would never return the favor. Now with his new companions, he started to have people he has potential to lose and cannot keep the farce of someone who is enlighten, allowing emotion of selfishness and greed to be part of him. His name used to be Choden (one who is devout) now renamed by Shiranui as Karma.

After this, I want to draw a concept of him, one where he was a monk and one he berserk and some action pose. His normal fighting skill is a reflection of his name, he good at countering and reflecting.

Lol I want to try to give these character more story so they become more flesh out... I designing Reyes clan village first than karma village. I want to design the village first since they are more smaller...

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