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World Building

I starting to do more world building for my world. I have always developing my world through my characters now I need to bring out the environment they live in. Now I am starting to developing race and clans in their environment.

Starting out with Reyes Clan

I want each clans has a a symbol. The Reyes clan symbol highly influence by the sun in the phillipines and the shield of the Spanish symbol. Their clothing is inspire by the Philippines indigenous tribe and the culture is created by me. I want to create a clan that fueled by power and ambitious people thus cause lots of difficulty in the clans. The clothing is traditional due to the god that gifted them the power that make them what they are today. The upper lands are more fantasy and cultural clothing land while the lower land is more ripped up modern based or cyberpunkish. which cost me to redesign some of my character when they are young

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